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Lecture 21

RELI 2110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Yetzer Hara, Rav Huna, Talmud

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RELI 2110
Deidre Butler

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Love, Sex, and Marriage
Why marry?
A beautiful wife makes for happiness and her husband’s days are doubled. Tebamoth 63b
When a man marries, his sins decrease. Kiddushin 29b.
Whoever remains unmarried does not deserve to be called a man. Yebamoth 63a
A man without a wife is not perfect [complete]. Talmud: Yoma 12a.
Purpose of marriage
Companionship + happiness
Sexual pleasure
oAll human beings want sexual pleasure
oAll human beings will seek sexual pleasure
oThe only appropriate outlet for sexual pleasure is within a heterosexual marriage
Jewish Sexuality
Sexuality is positive as long as it is licit
Sex is a mitzvah
Yetzer hara can be channeled into positive
Men and women are sexual beings
Women are modest AND must be modest
Men must be modest as well
oAre responsible for averting their eyes from an immodest woman
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