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22 Apr 2012

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RELI 2732 A, March 29, 2012
exam is april 13, 2pm, in the field house
handouts and lectures are key, as is ivan illych
The reading to focus on are:
#10 heaven and hell
#12 last journey
#13 parinarvana
#14 process of dying
#15 tony walter
#16 tolstoy
90 questions, 2 hours they are multiple choice, and true or false, be conscious of other answers
Review cosmology, cosmos, djinn, angels, soul vs spirit, intermediate period, first night in the grave
There are only 1 or 2 questions related to each part of study
Funereal, hindu handout on WEBCT, najekatas, who is lord of death, and what happens?
Buddhism: cosmology, *6realsm of rebirth*, the wheel of samsara, 3 forces at center, no sould ideal, no
continuing aspect, death of the Buddha (how would the remains be stored), last words of the Buddha
Tibetan Buddhism: death/Harvard death definition, dying is a process, body-mind-voice, *clean light of
death*, be familiar with the 3 bardo states of death
Chinese: understanding of yin/yang, the complementary balance good=balance, bad=unbalanced,
qualities of yin: low, dark, cold, qualities of yang: light, high, warmth, structure of spirit world, ghosts
and ancestors, understand yin/yang and death/soul
Religious and philosophical Daoism
Juanzhu and his wifes death
Ivan illych read it again
There will be ¾ quotation, know the basics and understand each tradition
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