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Lecture 3

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Carleton University
SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Situation Situation - 2+ co-presents- samndtime, space location - Begins when the 2 co-present arrives - Always assume social; implicit, explicit - Ends of lapses when the 2 last person leaves • Can re-start, re-lapse, re-start • Situations often cyclical- work, class schedule - All who enter are part of the situation • Intentional physical or verbal acts are unnecessary, only their presence (stuck in a bus shelter during a deluge) • On-lookers, passer-by’s are co-present (riots)  Whenever injuries occur in riots, it’s usually to people in the middle of the riot, or to on-lookers (usually the on-lookers) - Collective conscience, situated perception • Values, norms, socialization, role, status • Initial activity expectation (“this is a...”) (this is an accident... It should be, but is it?) - Mutual surveillance is on-going and essential • Test reliability, validity of initial expectations • I think this is, but is it? Looking if it is changing • Sensuous data tests assumptions re: social • If can’t use naked senses, not a situation Naked senses - They are the classic senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and audition (this is the order in which they evolve) • + pain, proprioception (pressures we experience, joints in the knees), kinesthesia, vestibulation (balance) - Organic sensitivity, limits • Sense~ consciously perceive it  process it  interpret it • Limits:  Anopia (inability to see/ can’t see very well)  Presbyacusis (inability to hear/ can’t hear very well)  Haptephobia (the fear of touch/ don’t like being touched [a lot of this in Japan])  Anoesia (stupidity... can’t size up situations)  Anosmia (inability to detect odors)  Hyposmia (lesser ability to smell some smells and l
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