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Lecture 9

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SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Lecture 9 Social relations- public realm, situations 6. Differentiating - Togetherness, but individuality, privacy, too - “hold me tight” vs. “put me down” - Inevitable, usually stressful, balancing process - Autonomy not negative; shouldn’t be seen as negative - May reveal power, dominance intentions; or not - Success= maintain relationship + individuality 7. Circumscribing - Quantity, quality contact activities drop - Restrictions, restraints; power may characterize - Sometimes first marker of beginning of end Other - Lasting, resilient relationships - Circulate through maintenance stage, repeatedly cycle through to run 7 years; 2, 12, 20 - Depends on a lot of variables; life events - Renewal of maintenance may include some experimentation, redefining bonding - If relationship stalls, usually at circumscribing • Relationship may be coming apart Coming apart 8. Stagnation - Relentless circumscription leads to this stage - Contact is reduced to minimum by all actors - Contact avoided whenever possible (retreatism) - OR walk through old ways of contact (routinism) • Relationship is shadow of former stages • Novelty, exhila
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