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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - George Pollard

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SOCI 2150
George Pollard

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Five Basic Norms of Public Realm Action 1) Cooperative movement: intentionally moving so you don’t make contact with other people/things - goal: successful contact is avoidance - we size up circumstances (ex. looking ahead to plan to not hit someone) - sociation is successful if the interaction is uneventful - we are successful 99.9% of the time - we are hesitant to go over things - we go around, not through a group of people - in North America, the norm is to go to the right - “eventful” instances are of interest because they are infrequent 2) civil inattention: mutually noticing among co-presents - forms of disinterested noticing: expressionless face, non-invitational - consequences: allows you to be co-present, but not co-mingle; awareness of everything that is going on; courtesy; decorum 3) audience role prominence: co-presents immersed in public realm situation - an audience is part of every situation - evokes theoretical metaphors (plot, actors, stage, enterance) - audience role prominence varies with… - nature of dyadic relation (love, fight, etc.) - if walking rather than driving - if population density is high or low - if intentional actors present (mimes, etc.) - extent of commercial exchange (prostitution, etc.) - if activities are legal or illegal - if it is an emergency or not - overall, it creates a “worldly
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