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SOCI 2450
Darryl Davies

CriminologyLecture 56February 14 2012For the exam POLICE DISCRETIONyoull need to define each of the terms separate them into the 4 categories and say where discretion is the greatestMajor factors involved in discretionpolice enforcement involves a violation of a law in which guilt has to be assessedhere the officer has to make a decision about whether or not to charge a person order maintenance a legal interaction usually in a situation where a dispute has occurred and the law must be interpreted and assessed They have to make sure that something such as a protest is done in an orderly fashion The police have discretion to decide whether or not you were behaving appropriately police invoked response where the officer makes the decision on his or her own accord to apply the lawproactive policingThey see an issue that could arise and they take measures to prevent it not many cases fall here it is usually reactivethe police reacting to a call or somethingnext one citizen invoked response a case in which the officer acts on specific complaint from a citizenreactive policingmost cases fall here4 categoriespolice invoked law enforcement see people fighting and break it uppolice invoked order maintenance crowd control parades the officers are responding to a situationcitizen invoked law enforcement call the police and say someone was shotcitizen invoked order maintenance call the police and complain about a loud partycitizen calls the police and they arrive have a choice to lay a charge or not POLICE HAVE THE LEAST DISCRETIO
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