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Lecture 7

Criminology Lecture 7.odt

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Carleton University
SOCI 2450
Darryl Davies

CriminologyLecture 7February 28 2012Guest Speaker Life Magazinewe lose trust in the very people who are suppose to protect usBC girl called 911 police come Lack of training ability to adjust to the situation how to approach situation police feel like they need to show whos in powerMr Bubbles at the G20 A girl is blowing bubbles and the cop says that if the bubble touches him shell be arrested for assault She puts the bubbles away and still gets arrested video on YouTubeAdam Nobodysome guy named Adam Nobody gets asked his name by an officer at the G20 and when he says Nobody they dont believe him and go crazya police officer squeezed some guys testicles because he had two cell phones and he said that was enough to think he was involved with drugs The guy was actually a cell phone salespersonmoral of the storypolice officers need to be able to bring themselves down to adjust to every scenario but nowadays they show up somewhere and just want to show everyone whos in charge theyre often too aggressive for the circumstancesMarch 20 CrimeGender Bill Guest Speakers2 Different Approaches To Criminologytwo schools of jurisprudenceCLASSICAL SCHOOL 18th and 19th centurybegins during the Industrial Revolution There were 817 different offences for which you could be executedowning a dog with no reason to do so was one of them It was the time of a brutal regime be
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