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Lecture 6

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SOCI 2450
Darryl Davies

Criminology 2450 VictimologyLifestyle theories important because they define who is at risk for victimization based on specific propositionsThe probability of suffering a person victimization is directly related to theamount of time that a person spends in public placesThe probability of being in public places at night varies as a function of lifestyleSocial contacts and interactions occur disproportionately among individuals who share similar lifestylesAn individuals chances of personal victimization are dependent on the extent to which the individual shares demographic characteristics with offendersThe proportion of time that an individual spends with nonfamily members varies as a function of lifestylePatterns of VictimizationIf we look at patterns of victimization we find different types of crimes that are committed which involve different instigators victimprecipitated and nonvictim precipitatedVictimprecipitated where the victim instigates the crime but ends up a victim eg wif
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