SOCI 3410 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Restorative Justice, Crime Prevention, Meta-Analysis

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2 Aug 2016
SOCI 3410
Correctional approaches and issues
-selective incapacitation model: incarcerate chronic offenders, past behaviour predicts future behaviour.
-rehabilitation model: crime is caused by outside factors, assess individual before sanction is made,
discretionary powers are good, less costly.
-Alternatives to incarceration
-do we have resources available for it to be successful.
-doesn’t work on hardened criminals
-only works on people who wouldn’t have committed crime in the first place
Restorative Justice
-harm should be eliminated
-things should go back to how they were before the crime occurred
-effective when there’s a direct victim
-less when it is the community who is the victim
-offender needs to take responsibility for his acts.
-Meta analysis studies indicate that some treatment programs work for some type of offenders
-this research results favour individualized treatment approaches.
Youth Justice
-ineffective prevention: DARE, community service
-ineffective juvenile programmes: punishment, scared straight, boot camps, large facilities, long term
confinement, curfew laws, out of home placements, general deterrence.
-boot camps and out of home placements don’t work because once the youth goes back home, all the
social factors which pushed him to commit crime will return in that environment.
-disputed program intervention: drug testing and specialized courts, treatment for drug abuse,
electronic mentoring, sex offender treatment, parole, aftercare, restorative justice, restitution.
-programs involving large groups do not work for youth in gangs.
-treatment for drug abuse works better on adults. Youth don’t see the consequences of drug abuse as
much as adults.
-restitution works when there’s a commitment between victim and offender.
Individualised approach and comprehensive therapeutic interventions appear to work best.
Volk reading
-looks at social dimension of crime
find more resources at
find more resources at
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