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Lecture 54

NSE11 Lecture 54: COURSE OUTLINE_NSE_13_2016

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COURSE OUTLINE FACULTY OF RYERSON, CENTENNIAL, GEORGE BROWN COLLABORATIVE NURSING DEGREE PROGRAM COURSE NAME: Assessment of the Healthy Individual COURSE CODE: NSE13AB CREDIT HOURS: 3 hours per week for 2 terms: 1 hour class and 2 hour lab PREREQUISITES: COREQUISITES: NSE11AB, NSE12AB, BLG 10 AB, NSE 112 (Winter) COURSE WEIGHT: 2.00 (1hour lecture2 hour laboratory component) EFFECTIVE DATE: Fall 2016Winter 2017 PROFESSOR: Sheilagh Callahan PHONE: 4164155000 ext. 3017 EMAIL: [email protected] PROFESSOR: Shann Beck PHONE: EMAIL: [email protected] PROFESSOR: Paul Petrie PHONE: 4164155000 ext. 3400 EMAIL: [email protected] PROFESSOR: Frances Ross PHONE: 4164155000 ext. 3168 EMAIL: [email protected] PLAR ELIGIBLE: YES ( ) NO ( X ) NOTE TO STUDENTS: Academic Departments at George Brown College will NOT retain historical copies of Course Outlines. We urge you to retain this Course Outline for your future reference. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY ORIGINATOR: Kathy Gates (Ryerson), Jasna Schwind (Centennial), Frances Ross (George Brown), Elizabeth Lister (Centennial) Revised May 2016 by: Wendy Garcia (Ryerson), Mary Claire Fyfe (Centennial), Sarah Evans (George Brown), , Michelle Hughes(Centennial), Lorraine Betts (George Brown), Paul Petrie (George Brown), Margaret Verkyl (Centennial), Frances Ross (George Brown), Sheilagh Callahan (George Brown College) , Oona St. Amant (Ryerson) and Jennifer Lapum (Ryerson)
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