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Humber College
NRS 103
Lisa Giallonardo

Knowing Self An acquired set of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs that individuals have about the nature and organization of their personality (A&B) The composite of ideas, feelings, and attitudes that a person has about his or her own identity, worth, capabilities and limitations. (Mosby) Response to the question, "Who am I?" (A&B) Components of Self-Concept: Physical (body image) appearance Cognitive/Perceptual (personal identity) how I see myself (values) Emotional (self esteem) Spiritual (connectivity with a higher purpose or God) Features and Functions: An active source of information about the self- explains our behaviours Becomes more unique as we age who did I think I would be now, ten years ago? Often consists of multiple images of self e.g.: athlete, student, daughter, etc Helps people make sense of their past as it relates to their present and future Possible selves: thoughts of future expectations may be positive or negative self-talk: positive and negative positive: high self esteem negative: low self esteem Characteristics: A healthy self-concept reflects attitudes, emotions and values that are realistically consistent with meaningful purposes in life and satisfying to the individual (Konig, A&B) each self-concept is unique satisfaction with body image realistic understanding of who you are and who you want to be-- balance emotionally stable (function in extreme low and high emotions) Self Esteem sense of self-worth/self-judgement-- how one feels about oneself Positive Self Esteem value themselves active self-agents (set and try to achieve personal goals) comfortable r
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