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BIOL 1130

Biology – Day 32 Wednesday November 28, 2012 Gibberellins 1. o Can promote enlargement at cells and increase in growth o Stems – bolting o Application  to spray fruits and enlarge them (grapes) 2.  Involved in Seed Germination and Bud Germination  G.A. promotes breakdown of the endosperm in seeds to produce sugars which are then available to the germinating embryo  Ex  barley malt Abscisic Acid (ABA)  Block the effects of various growth hormones  Functions as 3 kinds: a) Inhibits cell growth b) Inhibits seed and bud germination c) Regulate stomatal opening Cytokinens - Effects: a) Enlargement of cells b) Apical dominance c) Tissue differentiation - Major application  Micropropogation or tissue culture and ratio of cytokinens to Auxins determines the tissue produced -  Example – roots, shoots, callas (undifferentiated tissue) Ethylene  Involved in abnormal plant growth  Produced naturally in plants (fruits) and triggers its own production  Functions: Rippens fruit a) Responds to mechanical stress  Example  where touched, ethylene produced and the shoot(or root) will bend because growth is slowed due to ethylene and normal growth occurs opposite to where touched. b) Abscission of leaves Tropisons – Growth Movements (involve hormones) Normal Process: a) Perception from an external source (light) Biology – Day 32 Wednesday November 28, 2012 b) Transduction whereby a hormone becomes an evenly distributed. - Example  Auxin moves away from the light and  Growth is faster o
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