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Lecture 11

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PSYCH 1100
Mike Moland

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PSYC-1100-YB RB-1042 Dr. M. Moland Psychology November 20, 2013 7:00 PM Chapter 7 Memory Memory Our memory isn't like a tape recorder - it remembers certain things over others Unconscious memory: associated with skills and practice Encoding - paying attention, transferring into the brain Sensory Memory Doesn’t last very long Working (short-term) Memory 20 seconds or less Interruptions make you lose this information Working memory doesn’t require the hippocampus Young children don’t have ways to remember things Demonstration: Digits Forwards Textbook: Serial Processing Effect Encoding Meaning Self-reference effect - the more you can relate something back to yourself, the better you'll remember it Context and Memory Changing environments changes your ability to remember materials Retrieval pathways: like bread-crumbs, leads you to remembering materials Mental context is more important than physical context while learning Organizing and Remembering Schema: once you know something, you should know be able to remember it better (when you know the paragraph is about flying the kite, you remember and connect it) Can be comp
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