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PSYCH 1100
Thomas Kondzielewski

Chapter 2 Psych ~ Pay attention to pictures/videos NEUROLOGICAL SOFT SIGNS • Subtle behavioral signs of brain dysfunction o Clumsiness o Awkward gait o Poor hand-eye coordination o Other perceptual and motor problems o [TK’s “visual anomaly”] THE LEFT HEMISPHERE • Left hemisphere is better at: o math, o judging time and rhythm o coordinating order of complex movements. o Processes information sequentially, or locally o Faster processing o [tighter associations (ex/ fewer, more direct, associations)] THE R IGHTHEMISPHERE • Right hemisphere is good at: o perceptual skills o expressing and detecting other’s emotions o Good at recognizing patterns, faces, and melodies o Processes information simultaneously and holistically o globally o slower processing o [looser associations (i.e. more associations)] DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HEMISPHERES • Keenan, Nelson et al (2001) • Where people were shown a morphed photo: • Of themselves and a famous person • When under anesthetic of either left- or right hemisphere • Finding that: o Right hemisphere sees itself o Left hemisphere sees the famous person FRONTAL L OBE • Movement, sense of smell, higher mental functions o Contains primary motor cortex; controls motor movement • Mirror neurons: Contained in motor cortex; become active when motor action is carried out and when another organism is observed carrying out the same action ♦ The intense social isolation of autism spectrum disorder may arise because of damage to mirror neurons distributed through the brain. ASSOCIATION CORTEX • all areas of cerebral cortex that are not primarily sensory or motor in function • Parietal Cortex in particular Chapter 2 o for mapping one's body sense onto one's knowledge of objects in world (where those objects are located) APHASIA • Language disturbance resulting from brain damage • [Singing is often intact: where the right hemisphere seems to dominate.] • [In fact, choral singing will typically stop stuttering -temporarily] ♦ The SpeechEasy is a discreet device small enough to fit in or behind the ear of the wearer. Through an advanced microprocessor, using delayed auditory feedback and frequency altered feedback. ♦ SpeechEasy is able to utilize the wearers own voice and produce a "choral effect". ♦ The choral effect occurs when a person's stutter is dramatically reduced or even ♦ eliminated when they speak or sing in unison with others. ♦ Pagoclone was originally developed as an anti-anxiety drug, but never commercialized. It is a partial agonist acting at
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