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Religion, the Body, and Sexuality 17.docx
Religion, the Body, and Sexuality 17.docx

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Mount Allison University
Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Hijab and Veiling and Colonialism  veiling has always been a part of Islam, but it was not an identified for Muslim women until British colonialism  Muslim communities, as a way of asserting their independence, decreed the veil as universal and ubiquitous  recall: orientalism = Western romanticization of the East; the East becomes presented and defined through Western eyes o liberate the veiled woman vs. fetishization of the veiled woman o colonialist perspectives: Persian women as representative of orientalism o nuns with habits were domesticated and normalized, colonialists had an understanding of their discourse and context o women's bodies were tools for colonization, patriarchy, paternalism  veiling was originally connected with elite women, external forces (photography) cemented the universality of veiling (as a protection from the gaze of Western explorers); and a reclamation of cultural identity  in contemporary times, Muslimahs wear veils to respond to Western "feminisms"- "Yes, we agree with the basic premise of choice, but our own choice is to wear it despite what you think"  film: Under One Sky- Arab women living in Montreal deciding whether or not to veil  clip: Why Women Wear the Veil? o some face hostility and abuse (even from feminists) o university educated women, decided to wear niqab while not married o "When I talk, I have an opinion, I am important" o "Veil as a form of liberation" o questions from friends/family  concerned for safety  following culture vs. religion  eventually become happy, and protective o veiling played no part in upbringing, pare
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