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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 315
David J Pearsall

SHOULDER REGION 4 AXILLA LABORATORY: SHOULDER REGION IV AXILLA C. AXILLARY ARTERY, VEIN, AND MUSCLES WITHIN AXILLA 1) AXILLARY ARTERY – begins at lateral border of first rib and ends at inferior border of teres major  continuation of SUBCLAVIAN artery  ends by becoming BRACHIAL artery  Passes posterior to pectoralis major into the arm before becoming the brachial artery. BRANCHES OF AXILLARY ARTERY 1- Superior thoracic artery:  small, highly variable vessel that arises just inferior to the subclavius  runs inferomedially posterior to the axillary vein and supplies the subclavius, muscles in 1 and 2 intercostal space, superior slips of serratus anterior, and pectoral muscles.  Anastomoses with intercostal and/or internal thoracic arteries 2- Thoracoacromial artery: short wide trunk, pieces the costocoracoid membrane and divides into four branches: Deltold branch Acromial branch Clavicular branch Pectoral branch 3- Lateral thoracic artery:  arises from second branch of the second part of the axillary artery and descends along the lateral border of the pectoralis minor, following it into thoracic wall. Page 1 of 4 SHOULDER REGION 4 AXILLA Subscapular artery: Scapular circumflex artery:  curves around lateral border of scapula to enter infraspinous fossa, anastomosing with suprascapular artery Thoracodorsal artery:  continues course of subscapular artery, descending with thoradocorsal nerve to enter ápex of latissimus dorsi humeral circumflex artery: Anterior humeral circumflex:  encircle the surgical neck of the humerus, anastomosing with each other.  Passes laterally , deep to the coracobrachialis and bíceps brachii (ascending branch supplies the shoulder) Posterior humeral circumflex:  encircle the surgical neck of
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