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Lecture 3

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ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

Review Why hasn't medicine never been a category of classical modern ethnography? Basically, because in other cultures, there was no differentiation between sorcery, witchcraft, medicine, and religion, which made it "impossible" to describe and talk about something that did not "exist" Modern Anthropology Classical modern ethnography Classical modern A period that began and ended in the past, and that was somehow based on a coherent set of practices that are directly linked to modernity 1870's-1970's England-centric 3 periods 1870's-1890's Philosophical approach Desk job Theoretical work Issues We don't learn about the people studied, but rather about what the anthropologists think about them 1890's-1910's Transition to expeditions Links to botany, zoology, and geology Medicine Assumed it's always there It evolves from a primitive form then becomes more sophisticated Rivers' solution Assemble ethnographic material from all over the world Medicine Modern achievement Comes in late in our evolution A success story of European modernity Everything else such as witchcraft, shamanism, and whatnot does not count as medicine From this thinking, he came up with "social differentiation" The native has a point To understand the history of mankind, you have to talk to the natives We don't learn much more about how the others think The anthropologists are still trying to make sense of their ways 1920's-1970's A fieldwork based social science of non-modern people Golden age WWI changes how people saw modernity an
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