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CLAS 203 Lecture Notes - Aegeus, Rhadamanthus, Pirithous

Course Code
CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

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CLAS203 Lecture 23 Notes
After Theseus slays the minotaur, he returns to find out that his father is dead
Theseus also slays the 50 sons of Pallas
Antiope (queen of Amazon, and will be mother of Hippolotus) and Amazonomachy
Theseus and Pirithous
o Helen of Sparta
o Katabasis
Return to Athens and exile
Death: Scyros (island) the king of the island throws him off the cliff because he was
scared Theseus would try to take power away from him
Crete (*History will not be tested*):
Great thalassocracy, powerful kings, enormous palaces
Religious artifacts: images of bulls, goddesses (fertility)
No Cretan history, only Cretan archaeology
No original Cretan myths, only Greek myths about Crete
Greek myth: evil king overthrown by wandering hero who wins love of princess
Palaces: maze; bull: half human monster
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