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EDEE 280 Lecture Notes - La Malinche

Elementary Education
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EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

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Class 7: Contact with First Nations: Early Colonial Life in North America
Hunting Viewpoints
European view
o did it for fashion
o killed as many animals as possible
o thought hunting was for the rich & Native weren’t using the land properly
Native view
o religious act
o done for survival
o migrated with animals
o only killed when necessary
Dona Marina
spoke Aztec & Mayan language
“Mother” of Mexico
had a child with Cortes
mistreated by Aztec people
European Colonization of North America
main colonizing peoples
o Spanish takes over and creates a way to live peacefully
o French colonized the west
o English colonized the East (settled)
o Dutch settled in NYC & Amsterdam
factors facilitating colonization
o technology weapons (swords, muskets, horses, sails)
o diseases smallpox
o internal divisions among indigenous peoples divide & conquer
intra = within tribe
inter = tribe vs. tribe
differences in colonization
o governance
Spanish viceroys answered to king
o relations with indigenous populations
odiensa lawyers to keep an eye on things
conquistadores built cities & churches
some definition characteristics
o emergence of Mestizo societies
o settler societies
o cultivation of cash crops (sugar, tobacco)
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