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Lecture 15

RELG 253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Mahayana, Kamakura Period, Nianfo

Religious Studies
Course Code
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

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Pure Land Buddhism in Japan
Pure Land (Jodo) vs Zen Buddhism
Jiriki (self-power)
Zazen (seated meditation)
Difficult monastic practice
Kensho (enlightenment)
Tariki (Other-power)
Nembutsu (chanting the name of the Buddha)
Easy lay practice
Shinjin (true entrusting)
Amida Bu
Amitabha: the Buddha of the infinite light
Amitayus: the Buddha of infinite life
Amita = not measurable
Pure Land of the West
Dharmakara bodhisattva
48 bodhisattva vows
Vows to create a Pure Land
Buddha in training
To become Buddha to save all sentient beings; not to become Buddha
Pure land is between samsara and nirvana
To get to Nirvana you need to be reborn again
To be born into the Pure Land is to be born inside a lotus flower floating on a river
The Ojo of Shoku
Ojo = death and rebirth
49 days of death then rebirth in one of the 6th rounds of samsara
Shoku is a disciple of Honen
The coming of Amida
The 18th vow
To attain Buddhahood, all beings in ten quarters (the entire universe) must be born
in the Pure Land
5 grave sins
Killing father
Killing mother
Killer an arhat
Shedding the blood of a buddha
Destroying the harmony of the sangha
Evolution of Pure Land Thought
Shinran is one of the the founders of the pure land buddhism
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