MUAR 392 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: The Jackson 5, Eddie Van Halen, Mark Goodman

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16 Aug 2016
MUAR 392
Lecture 21 — Mar 11
Michael Jackson (1958-2009)
-Member of family band The Jackson 5
-Originally signed with Motown, then signed with Epic
-Has a TV show then begins to work with Quincy Jones
-Began solo career in 1971
-Carefully studied and emulated James Brown’s vocal and dance performance
“I Want You Back” (1969)
-Michael was very much a soloist in the Jackson 5 as he had a main role singing
-Never really had a childhood — was always a performer
Off the Wall (1979) — produced by Quincy Jones
-Appeals to both dance markets and top 40 radio
-Bridged the gap between the 70s and 80s effortlessly, seeing off the death of disco but
doesn’t sound dated
-Problem: was upset that it only won soul R&B record of the year, rather than the album of
the year. Decided that next album would win album of the year
Thriller (1982)
-$750 000 budget, 110M copies sold to date (at peak was selling 1M a week)
-7 top 10 singles
-Crossover results in pop hits
-“Beat It” (funky heavy metal with Eddie van Halen solo)
-“The Girl is Mine” — duet with Paul McCartney
Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” (1982)
-Quincy Jones arrangement builds gradually as the song progresses
Synthesis of Musical Elements — Slick Funk Disco
Music TeleVision — MTV
-Introduces the video single that is made for mass consumption
-Reconfigures the notion of the performing artist
How music had been Looked At or consumed
-Promotional videos
-TV music programs
-Genre/ market (race, class, age…) specific formats
-Top 40
-Album oriented rock
-Country and Western
-Adult Contemporary
MTV was a leader of this thinking — moving music into the arena of television
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