POLI 244 Lecture Notes - Counter-Terrorism, Ethnic Cleansing

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Published on 9 Jun 2012
Conflicting Norms
Sovereignty, territorial integrity
Countries expect to have no one mess with their citizens
No one from the outside should tell a state what to do
You have the right to keep what you got
Peoples have a right to determine their destiny
Who is entitled to determine one's future?
A challenge to sovereignty
Groups might be wanting self-determination --> secession
Genocide convention
Countries should not kill in whole or in part that is distinct by ethnicity
Impose an obligation that if there is a genocide observed in the world, countries must
try to stop it
There has been genocides since 1945
e.g. Rwanda
Responsibility to protect in theory
Canadian role in norm creation/promotion
Redefining sovereignty
If you treat your people well, there will be no interference with the
international community
Covers genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing
International community has responsibilities if state fails
In practice
About as effective as genocide convention
State don't do what they are supposed to do
Most obvious case
Definitive crimes by Sudan against citizens
Ethnic cleansing
African Union takes the lead
African for African problems
Convenient; yes, effective; no
Aid restricted by Sudanese
Successful genocide management
Major powers focused elsewhere
Iraq, Afghanistan, Tsunami relief, etc
Back to IIII
States face conflicting interests
US: counter-terrorism or helping Darfur
China: oil or helping Darfur
EU: money not troops
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