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Child Development 7

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PSYC 304
Bernstein& Ashbaugh

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Sept 27 - maturation and growth, development of the brain, motor development, puberty and its psychological impact - changes in height and weight: rapid growth in first two years. growth slows until spurt in puberty - the curve is very logarithmic - baby learns to lift their head while on their stomach at a very early age - one of the first things that needs to happen is a strengthening of neck muscles, because babies heads are over 9000 pounds - they learn to roll over soon after that. - they can sit without support when they're about 8 months old, and crawl at 9. - they can stand at about 14 months and walk shortly after that. - several theories that try to account for this: first being Maturational Viewpoint (there is a genetically programmed sequence that unfolds as the infant matures. there is evidence from cross-cultural findings. this does not take experience into account and places the child as a passive learner. it also doesn't account we
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