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Lecture 11

SWRK 220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Triage, Palliative Care

Social Work
Course Code
SWRK 220
Nicole Ives

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November 20th - Chapter 6 Social Work and Health
Barber and surgeons
different kinds of barbers for every culture ex: circumcision
Indigenous peoples
traditional healers for treatment
as well as plants, leaves or flowers will help for diseases. immune system is
19th century
individual and families were responsibility for health
universal coverage
Hall report, then the royal commission on health services
universal health coverage achieved
1970 s and early 1980s
extra billing - billed services
doctors charging and creating user fees
first province that had health coverage - saskatchewan
Hospital based social work
rewarding and limiting
psychosocial assessments
the multiple and many questions patients have, it is the social workers’ job to help
refer to all dif kinds of organizations
triage mentality. - work with patients in the beginning and end not in middle.
doctors don’t care and dont have the sensitivity to clients- they only respond to
the client only if it poses a concern from a medical point of view.
stress and emotional responses comes from decreased sense of control- pressing a
button- nobody comes. information overload,(translate to normal?) change in
functional ability. (mobility & psychological issues)
prolonged stress is problematic.- changes and affects the way your brain
social workers help
coordination, emotional release
sw play a key role- chore. ironic bc in hospital hierarchy sw are on the bottom
Book: the spirit catches you and it falls down
the best interest if the child
sw dont always THE answer. take a step back and look at the context.
the diversity of a social work degree. broad and with different populations
Mental Health
clinical supervision
Palliative care
ono one really knows exactly when they will die. doctors say one month to
live and they live 1 yr
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