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Lecture 16

SWRK 221 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Unemployment Benefits, Sandwich Generation, Negative Income Tax

Social Work
Course Code
SWRK 221
Karen Hetherington

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Class 11 - Income security for those expected to be in the workforce
Temporary Residents
Must apply to Immigration Quebec (MICC) for Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ)
and then to Citizenship and Immigration for visa – health & security checks
Different categories
Visitors (Tourists)
Foreign Students
Human Trafficking
Discretionary: between statuses
Importance of country of origin, limited benefits
Many seeking permanent residency
Temporary Foreign workers
Employer needs Labour Market Opinion
Worker needs Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ from MICC) and visa & work
permit from CIC – health & security checks
Seasonal Agricultural Workers (SAWP)
Temporary foreign Workers work in agriculture)
fill in jobs
Live-In Caregivers (LCP)
low pay
negative: rights of the filipinos citizens
Low-Skill Pilot Project
bring ppl in that needs low skill workers
Very restrictive conditions
Differing possibilities for permanent residency
difficult to take care of children
Permanent Residents
Needs Certificate of Selection (CSQ from MICC) and Permanent Residency from
CIC – health & security checks
Different categories of ppl that can come in
selection of people
french speaking
Skilled Workers to fill gaps
Canada/Quebec Experience Class
mexican refugees
Investment Class
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changes profile of where we live - in terms of immigration
Family Reunification (Sponsorship * Precarious)
bringing in spouse from outside of country
person that comes to canada and then wants to bring their family in
Other: Refugees, Live in Caregiver Program, Humanitarian
someone who is sick and comes here
Permanent, nearly full access
Recently, reforms to lessen permanency
if someone comes from their country and does a crime they will go back to their
Federal Liberal Platform - Refugees
Sponsor 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2015
Encourage private sponsorship of additional Syrian refugees
(families, church, individuals)
Invest $250 million in refugee processing and integration
Fully re-establish the Interim Federal Health Program as it was before 2012
IFHP was cut back and now its not. idea to bring back this program
sponsored by family,friend, churches.
complex categories
reduced coverage for necessities
soem ppl left without healthcare coverage
no psychological support available to them
private sponsors face unknown medical costs for refugees they sponsor
shifting costs not saving costs (on exam)
Federal liberal Platform - Immigrants
Family Reunification
Return the maximum age for the sponsorship of children to 22 (now 19)
Double the quota for the sponsorship of parents and grandparents to 10,000 per
Increase the budget for the processing of sponsorship applications in order to
reduce the waiting time (currently an average of 2-3 years)
Eliminate the 2-year conditional permanent residence for sponsored spouses (i.e.
no deportation in cases of marriage break-up)
no deportation when married couples break up! - need a safety net (this is key)
Ressettled refugee
are accepted and waiting to go to next
Employment insurance: History
Introduced post WWII
Major changes in 2000-parental leave
oHours required lowered to 600 from 700
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