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ANTHROP 2FF3 Lecture Notes - Scientific Method, Franz Boas, Linguistic Typology

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Tracy Prowse

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Last Class
4 fields of anthropology
What is physical anthropology
Sub fields in anthropology
Today’s Class
Origins of anthropology and the development of anthropology and
physical anthropology
The scientific method
What is a theory?
Organs in the 18th Century
Interested in diversity of the natural world since Europeans were
exploring new lands they soon discovered new creatures/humans this
motivated a difference in diversity
Ex. Columbus
Linnaeus’ – System Nature
made the first organized system to categorize these newfound
specimens and also naming them.
He dived animals and humans in four categories and if we
were/weren’t related to one another.
The European created this hierarchical system, the top race being their
own. (Caucasian)
19th Century
People were starting to come up with expiations as to how and why
these differences in humans came about.
The science of geology
1856 – discovery of fossils in the Neander Valley, Germany.
Neanderthal #1 – evidence of existiction
This brought forth a new interest in Paleoantalology.
Early Developments
Charles Darwin
In 1859 Darwin wrote On the Origins of Species it developed this idea
of the things he observed in nature, creating a more evolutionary
panorama then a narrow view.
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