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Review of 2K03 1791- constitutional act War of 1812- war Canada v us In 1814 we attacked Washington and burned the white house Corn Laws 1815-1846 Bank of upper Canada 1821 1837 rebellions - opposition to land grant policies… gov set aside areas - unhappy with economic and eduction policies 1840 Act of Union British Columbia - 1843 – british first colony at Victoria - 1857 – 1866 – Fraser Valley gold rush - 1000’s came looking so Britain 1858 established colony of British Columbia 1821- northwest and hb merge 1829- wellend canal opens 1840- act of union- one territory Canada: Canada west ont, east quebec 1846- repelled the corn laws 1849 Railway Loan Guarantee Act 1850’s railway boom in Canada 1854-1865- reciprocity treaty 1857- gold in bc 1858-59 Galt-Cayley tariff july 1 1867- Canada is born, first pm sir john a, BNA act, confederation 1870 manitoba joins confed 1871 BC joins confed Bank act 1871 1872 dominion lands act • 1870 – branch banking system (stability) • Cautious lending policy • Tough to get money out west • 1863 – Montreal Stock Exchange • 1878 - TSE 1873 pei joins confed 1879 MacDonald national policy 1884 – Riel rebellion 1885 CPR completed 1896 start of wheat boom 1897 – Klondike Gold Rush Crow Rates in 1897 1902.. Ontario hydro 1905 alb and sas becom provinces - Ottawa kept control of their resources 1914-1918 ww1 1915 – Imperial Munitions Board (IMB) 1917- income tax institiuted 1919 winnipeg strik
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