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Lecture 6

ENGLISH 1A03 Lecture 6: English- Lecture Six (Oct.7.15)

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Jeffery Donaldson

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English- Lecture Six
Side Notes:
. Context that stood out during your experience
. Theme
. Syntax
. Imagery
. etc…
* Presentation of contextual experience- make arguable too*
. Make unified
. Essay rubric will be used for almost all essays in this English course (on ATL)
. MSAF- (McMaster Student Absence Form)
. Fill out form online
. 1st day essay due to 3 days after it (I think 1st day it’s due counts as day 1/3)
. Send prof. an email saying who TA is
. Mid to late November get’s crazy- maybe save it till then
. Spread out work
. Maybe pick a time you have a lot of essays due
. 2% deduction a day if your English essay is late
. If it’s going to be better quality it’s okay to wait a day or two
. Weekend’s count as days
Lecture time:
Symbol- rose Metaphor- love/rose
.Thorny, beautiful . Beautiful, harsh/difficult
^ System of Associated Commonplaces
Break and Make:
Break (the “impertinence”)
. Sense of strangeness
. Can disturb sense of reality and fiction
. Leaves us open and altars our perspective
Make (the “new pertinence”)
. Attempts to re-establish order
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find more resources at
. Compares the mind to a bat through descriptive language
. Bat could represent us flying through life taking chances into the unknown and
. Bat could also represent the mind inside of the cavern (skull) trying to
manoeuvre its way through life
. Bat is blind to some things and uses hearing; we have to keep our guard up
sometimes when stepping in to unknown territory
. The way its written we have to manoeuvre through the poem
. “Graceful error”
. Making mistakes
. For a bat hitting an obstacle could be fatal, when we hit one we learn from it
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find more resources at