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Fiona Black

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Prostitution in Athens  Hetairai- specially trained courtesans o enjoyed by men at specially made houses during symposiums o quite attractive specifically because they were educated (vs the lives of wives, who were sequestered, not much education, knowledge of outside world limited) o trained to discuss politics, economy o pipe girls- played music on the aulos (new instrument in Athens) o slave can buy freedom by working as a prostitute o period art- women did not know how to draw female anatomy, instead drew men and attached identifying female features  Rhodopis (and Sappho's brother) o Egyptian, common trade for foreigners was to become a prostitute o Sappho's brother bought her freedom o connected to ideas of liberation o one of few ways a woman could acquire wealth was through prostitution o Herodotus (Greek historian, wrote "Histories") claimed she acquired enough money to fund the building of a pyramid o bought a very large donation for the temple of Delphi (Delphic oracle)- important power move, name was on it o infanticide very high among prostitutes o prostitutes tended to prefer girls over boys (girls can make them money, raise child in brothel, train them in prostitution) o pharmacists (like Medea) would have known contraceptives, how to induce miscarriage o probably a Hetairai  Pornai o less educated o primarily used for sexual wants vs intellectual wants o as a Hetairai became older, she would be less attractive to attend symposia, would want a child to carry on the family business and take care of them in old age o perhaps older Hetairai (or else they would become madams, brothel keeper) o vase from Syracuse (know because features comic actor- no comic actors on vases in Athens) features a woman balanced on a potters' wheel while men spin the wheel- acrobat, objectification  Alcibiades and Hipparete o Alcibiades- Greek general, involved in a symposium about the topic of love with Socrates (professes love for Socrates) o how did Athenian wo
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