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Mount Allison University
CLAS 2051
Fiona Black

Religion of the Empire: Cult of the Emperor 1. Historical Framework: From Republic to Roman Empire  from the 4th century BCE the Romans started an expansionistic strategy of conquest  the Romans took the conquered and made them partners (in other words, they assimilated them into the Roman domain)  characterized by Roman imperialism  the acquisition of  eventually the acquisition of all these states led to unrest, in an effort to seize the power of Rome  2nd c. BCE - beginning of 1st c. BCE: civil wars  1st century BCE: Pompey and Caesar were aristocratic landowners and military generals  27 BCE: Octavian Augustus was the first emperor of Rome o Augustus' imperial cult becomes one of the most important tools of the empire  political transformation which is reflected in change in art and architecture 2. The Beginning of the Imperial Cult  the Romans began the practice of deifying their dead rulers with Julius Caesar o his birthday was celebrated by public religious services o his name was given to the month of his birth (July) o he was celebrated as a god  before he died, Caesar received the right to have a cult in his honour, to mark his house like a temple, and to place his "imago" in the procession of the gods that featured in Roman parades and festivals  the Roman ruler had image portrayals of himself all over Rome, i.e. coins (recall: Christ said "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar") o coins were a form of propaganda- had a huge diffusion all over the empire  Caesar built a public space devoted to political and administrative activities, named it after himself: Forum of Caesar o included a temple (the focus) and porticos to enclose the forum space  stood on a high podium  the rear was later transformed by creating a niche for the cult statue  inside a giant statue of Venus, flanked by a statue of Julius Caesar and of his lover Cleopatra- Caesar asserting that he is divine and to be worshipped as a god o the temple was dedicated to Venus Genetriz o Caesar claimed to be a descendant of Venus  Apotheosis o
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