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CLAS 2531
Illaria Battiloro

Ritual Practices Continued: Games  the great sacrificial rituals often included games  these votive games were generally onetime events  there were two kings: o lundi scaenici (dramatic performances or stage shows) o lundi circenses (horses and chariot races, boxing and gladitorial games)  in principle, these games concluded the sacrifices that were celebrated during festivals  they were vowed by magistrates or generals  the magistrates presiding over the games wore the garments of a triumphator, which suggest that these solemn games were derived from the ancient triumph  before they became permanent fixtures most of these spectacles had originally been linked with victories  the number of days that they lasted in Rome was constantly being extended (eventually 1- 2 days of sacrifice and two weeks of games)  a huge number of written sources demonstrate how the games were performed, organized and perceived by people  Lundi Circenses: Footraces took place in auditoreums  the rest of the games occurred in the amphitheatre (i.e. the Roman Colosseum)  the first and most popular game that took place in the lundi circenses was the chariot race  display of animals and animal fights o an increasingly popular feature was the display of animals o as a result of Rome's overseas conquests, various exotic creatures such as elephants were exhibited, as well as indigenous animals like bears, bulls, stags, and boars o for example, at the votive games given by the general Marcus Fulvius Nobilior after a victory in Greece, a panther and a lion hunt were staged o venationes= hunts o in the most popular spectacles, animals were tied to each other and forced to fig
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