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Child and Family Studies
CHFS 2216
Tom Waldock

Wednesday March 27, 2013 Participation Rights Con’t Review of Last Week (QC Ch. 9) - General focus of participation rights is the more contentious area of autonomy - They are active agents in their own lives - We have to incorporate their ability to be active agents around us - Articles 12 (main definition of participation rights) & 13-17 - * Fear of taking respect away from authority - Article 5: around age of majority, children have a right to be guided - Youth involvement is going to make systems better - Systems that are dealing with youth get a fresh perspective and feedback on how to change systems in ways that are productive - The committee has looked at this (p.212) and address what the committee has said about Canada’s involvement and has stated that there needs improvement (particularly in education) (QC Ch.10) - Landon Pearson (Lester B Pearson’s niece): known as children’s rights advocate - They funded the ability of people to go across country and talk about children’s rights at schools, universities, colleges, (Article 42: getting the word out and talking about children’s rights and disseminate) - P.212-214 - A national children’s commissioner is at a federal level and would be able to oversee Canada as a whole - A lot of countries have a national commissioner - The need for cultural transformation - We have to balance protection rights with participation rights - Graduated systems are good mod
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