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Art History
ARTH 345
Mc Tavish

ARTH 345 SEPT 24 2012 -looking at Leonardo and annunciation *came in 10 mins late -compare the annunciation of Fra Angelico >inc garden (adam and eve?) >idea of inclosed garden>symbols for the virgin Mary >angel coming from the left, Mary shown in humble fashion, even more schematic -sculpture relief in limestone by Donatello from 1430s >from the Franciscan Church in Florence >annunciation >very innovative artist, took on subjects and shown in new way >Mary standing as if angels message has scared her(see chair as if she got up) >looking at angel in human way; the way it looks up to her is also human, much connection -often shown her sitting and reading even though its not in the bible: accumulated in the visual history >Donatello retains element of reading since he shows her with book >high relief >symbol of Mary: behind them looks like closed door> symbol of her virginity -Fra Fillippo Lippi 1440s >Florence >divides painting into 2> major figures on the right >she’s also standing> probably directly influenced by Donatello >also had been reading >almost a palace behind her >angelo accompanied by other angels (no mention of this in the bible) >angel holding a pure white lily (a Madonna Lily) -Boldmenevity 1460 >reading with lecturn (?)> she turns to angel >garden enclosed with the wall >Cyprus trees (as seen in Leonardo’s later) >left from right -see the images that Leonardo knew because in public spaces and the monk who commissioned it would have probably also known -looking more at Leonardo’s annunciation -Mary in an architectural setting >linear perspective discovered earlier in the century >now all Florentine artists aware of it >the lines in the architecture go back into a uniformed vanishing point -1470s> initial exploration into a range of different disciplines (Leo) >complex grids that show the linear perspective and sophisticated way he set up the scene >underlying organizational principal that he’s showing in early work that he understands -Mary is in her conventional red and blue dress >he adds a sash around her middle in yellow >3 primaries red blue and yellow -interested in way the eye works and theoretical backgrounds -how do you make it look 3D and still retain the colour -painting not entirely successful but see his interest in these things -highlights of garments he shows tint of the color: in the shadow all three become consistently dark >total unity and harmony -now totally successful but the aim is there >compared to earlier works better -aim to look 3D and make objects obey gravity in a naturalistic way >all have weight >for drapery Leo he employed a method of studying drapery -a drawing study of drapery which Vasari writes about >illustrates procedure that goes back to Donatello >we know that Verrochio’s studio was on sight with Donatello (and we know Leo was there for a while) >technique that sculpture perfected >make rudimentary model of the figure, schematic >than you take a piece of real cloth and dip in pale of clay and water and you arrange it on your model: let it dry and it will give you an image of how drapery looked in the real world -so we see drawing done of a model using this technique (done by Leo told by Vasari) >shows desire to get things right -show female face against something darker> Leo writes about this later and we see this here -good to study faces at twilight when there isn’t a great difference between shadow and light -suspend piece of cheese cloth which affect the light to look like twilight -he loved forms that were curling or springing >see this in her hair >sense of spontaneity >may have also been the fashion at the time too -marble sculpture by Varacchio >half length >she has related hair: pulled back but cascade of curls next to cheeks -later on this isn’t his ideal type for the virgin Mary -some of the awkwardness of inexperience> still rather dry and hard >look at hands, not totally naturalistic -angel> shown kneeling with hand outstretched >drapery of arm (like seen in the drawing)> examining drapery in a totally different way than earlier example -Lily (angel holding it) >emblem of Mary’s purity -drawing of lily’s > shows how Leonardo was examining everything in
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