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Biology Lecture #5 - Excretion and Ion Transport.docx

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BIOL 103
Virginia K Walker

Biology Lecture #5 – Excretion and Ion Transport  Lecture covers nitrogenous wastes, salt and water balance as well as kidney function Obligatory Exchanges  Many vital processes have potential to disturb the balance between salt and water concentrations  Obligatory exchanges are necessary as part of respiration or elimination of wastes  Water and salt will be loss through body respiration, ingestion of food will be eliminated as waste (unnecessary parts) as well as through metabolism Nitrogenous Waste  Product of the breakdown of amino acids and nucleic acid degradation  The waste produced is species and environment dependent, such as ammonia, urea and uric acid  Most aquatic animals excrete ammonia or ammonium ions  Little energy required for prudction, high amount of water needed to excrete and has high toxicity  Most mammals, amphibians, marine fishes and terrestrial invertebrates excrete urea  Requires moderate energy and moderate amount of water for excretion, has a low toxicity  Birds, insects and most reptiles excrete uric acid  Requires a lot of energy but little water to excrete, and has a low toxicity  Example of a f
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