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BIOL 205
Ian D Chin- Sang

The seven phenotypic pairs studied by Mendel Established Pure lines of each Q: If you were Mendel, and you could only study one trait which would like to study? A.  Round vs. wrinkled → individual, can tell right away B. Purple vs. white flowers C. Long vs. short D. Green vs. yellow pods: part of female genetic makeup - “womb” Cross-pollination and selfing are two types of crosses Avoid self fertilization → At the time:blendingwas predominant theory Observations:allyellow - no blending - greendisappeared - yellow dominant 6022 2001 Mendel’s First Law: Law of equal segregation From a monohybrid cross, each parent has an equal chance of contributing one of the two factors. → Monohybrid= heterozygous for one trait. Amonohybrid cross is a cross between parents who are heterozygous. Ratios from single gene inheritance: • Experiments in Plant Hybridization (1865) by Gregor Mendel • Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Brünn (Original title in German: Verhandlungen des naturforschenden Vereins Brünn) … meanwhile 34 Years later: Chromosome theory of inheritance Chromosome Theory: Chromosomes (“coloured bodies”) , which are seen in all dividing cells and pass from one generation to the next, are the basis for all genetic inheritance The nuclear genome → Indian muntjac only has 6 chromosomes: 2n =6 Chromosomal DNAis wrapped around histones (proteins) Representative chromosomal landscapes Allocat
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