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BIOL 205
Ian D Chin- Sang

Genetics You are on a research expedition to China and discover a previously unknown organism bearing closest resemblance to amspecies of deer known as the Indian muntjac. 3 chromosome pairs 23 Chromosome pairs Indian muntja Your organism You tentatively think you have identified a close relative to the Indian muntjac. However, when you karyotype each organism, you find the Indian muntjac has 3 chromosme pairs and your organism has 23 pairs. You conclude: A. Your organism is likely to have more genes B. Your organism is likely to have more complex phenotypes C. All of the above D. None of the above 3 chromosome pairs 23 chromosome pairs Indian muntjac Your organism You can make no firm predictions about gene content of the genomes from the karyotype Does a larger genome mean more genes? - no: human genome has 3.4 billion base pairs - worm: 100 million base pairs - BUT number of genes in human and worm: both ~20thousand genes Does a more “complex” organism have more genes? - more complex than worm, still have about same genes - drosphila fly: only has 14 thousand genes vs worm w/ 20thousand genes - would think fly more complex but has less genes - however one gene in drosophila that can be alternatively spliced into 35 thousand different Mitosis in Mitosis in Meiosis diploid cell haploid cell Meiosis: makes haploid cells, don't need to do meiosis in haploid (can't reduce 1N) What is going on at the molecular level during the formation of sister chromatids? DNAmolecules replicate to form identical chromatids Null:no gene
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