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Lecture 9

BIOL 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Pyrimidine Dimer, Dna Replication, Ultraviolet

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BIOL 205

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slides #6 from week 8!
ben johnson !
doping -!
if you could have a mutation that could increase muscle mass!
eero marityranta - blood doping - 15% more RBC could carry 15% more oxygen!
single point mutation in erythropoetin receptor !
woody guthrie!
trinucleotide repeats within a coding region !
huntington - CAG repeat!
slow and progressive disease, correlated to expansion of repeats!
replication repair system is not taking care of repeats !
apoptosis is programmed cell death !
mutant protein that precipitates, binds to transcription factors, reduces RNA made!
large polyglutamine binds to itself and stu its not supposed to bind to !
slide set # 7!
fragile x !
occurs in noncoding region, associated with autism !
trinucleotide CGC expands in non coding!
causes fragile because two chromosomes come together in metaphase, one arm expands one doesnt.
they don't bind together bc arms are
shortened they break!
FMR-1 hinders transcription CGC repeat is
upstream of ATG!
permutation - 6-59 60-200 unstable bc
prone to further expansion no methylation
some transcription!
full mutation shuts down mutation because
of hypermethylation of DNA !
no transcription, unstable!
mechanism behind expansion!
slipped mispairing , DNA repair has broken
down and doesn't identify bubbling !
tsutomu yamaguchi !
lived through two nuclear blasts !
why was his DNA repair so robust!
his daughters died very young !
gamma radiation chromosomes are broken into many pieces and DNA replication fixes it!
molecular basis of induced mutation!
incorporation of base analogs!
cancer cells replicate faster than normal cells, inject person with base analogs bc cancer cells take them
up faster incorporate into DNA, cell death!
bromine replaces methyl and causes mispairing causes transition mutation !
intercalating agents are very flat!
slip in cause insertion or deletion of single
nucleotide pair which causes a frame shift!
aflatoxin - deadly toxin aspergillus!
Marie Curie!
died from anemia caused by radiation that damaged
her bone marrow cells!
free radicals, hydrogen peroxide, super oxide radicals!
causes base deletions, single nicks in DNA strands,
cross linking, chromosomal breaks!
nonionizing !
uv light, less energy causes thymine dimers and 6-4
photoproducts (btwn two pyrimidines) !
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