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CLST 100 Lecture Notes - Isthmian Games, Chariot Racing, Alcibiades

Classical Studies
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CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

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Women were not allowed at Olympic games, even as spectators
They could, however, own chariots that would compete in the chariot races
Nemean Games
From 573 BCE every 2 years in summer at the 2nd and 4th year of the
They were in honour of Zeus
There were also musical contests
Victors were originally honoured with an olive crown
From the Persian wars onwards, this prize was replaced with a crown of wild
Pythian Games
In honour of Apollo
Were held in Delphi
Since 586 BCE every 4 years for 5 days in the summer at the 3rd year of each
The musical contests were more important than the athletic ones, as Apollo
is the god of music
Originally the winners receive a laurel (was the plant for poets) crown as a
prize, but later apples
Isthian Games
In honour of Poseidon
From 582 BCE every 2 years in spring at the 1st and 3rd year of the Olympiad
There were also musical contests
The prize was originally a crown of pine branches
In the 5th century BCE this was replaced by a crown of dried celery
Year 1 Olympic Games/ Isthmian Games
Year 2 Nemean Games
Year 3 Isthmian Games/ Pythian Games
Year 4 Neamean Games
Milon of Kroton and Phayllos of Kroton won a lot of Games; held great honour in
their cities
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