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CLST 129 Lecture Notes - Via Traiana Nova, Notitia Dignitatum, Tabula Peutingeriana

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLST 129

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Week 16 Lec 1 Jan 28
8:27 PM
o Site reconnaissance
o Regional surveys site surveys
Site reconnaissance
o Knowledge
o Arial photos/ satellite images
o Locals stories
o Look for corrupted names chester= castrum, Lejjion= Legion
Peutinger table
o Map of the roman world
o 12 sheets, 7 m long, 13 m wide
Via nova traiana, road through the province of arabia
Notitia dignitatum- list of all the military forces were they are, who they are and who they are
commanded by
o Unnatural levels (mounds)
o Shards of pottery
o Remains of buildings
o Ppl spaced out at even intervals walking in straight lines, when find a concentration of
artifacts, artifacts flagged
o Ground appearences change throughout the year
Arial Reconissance
o Arial photography- sigin uk and near east
o Spin off of techniques of 1st and 2nd World wars
o Lots of photos and notes taken
o Qasier Bshir, jordan best preserved roman fort
No one lived here for long time so stones not stolen
o Wheel/jelly fish houses- organized into villages
Up to 50 m in diamerter
8000 years old
o Desert kite
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