GEOL 106 Lecture Notes - Lake Ontario, Sewer Gas, Hydrogen Sulfide

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Readings from textbook:
-Ch 1, Intro to Natural Hazards p. 2-11, p. 19-27
-Ch 2, Earthquakes
ESE Continued From Last Lecture
-Nature journal 2012: Approaching a state shift in earth’s biosphere
-Allenby: To what end are humans engineering/should engineer the
We know we can do it, but SHOULD we? If yes, to what extent?
-Ethical responsibility to do ESE rationally and responsibly
- In managing earth systems there is an ethical dimensionyou need
to define your desired endpointsis the ultimate endpoint
-Sustainable development: development that meets the needs of the
present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet
their own needs
-Martini Glass model of world’s wealth:
top 5th = 85% of the wealth
bottom 5th = 1% of the wealth
UNDP: the wealth of the world’s 300 wealthiest people equals the
combined annual incomes of 41% of the world’s population.
-A suitable ethical framework for ESE needs both sustainability and
-Managing the earth requires:
a technical dimension
an ethical dimension
an economic dimension
an environmental dimension
All four combined is risk management
Risk Analysis and Risk Management
Risk Analysis/Management Overview
-How to mitigate a geologic hazard (minimize loss of life/injuries
-Earthquakes in past 800 yrs causing 100,000+ deaths: Shen shu,
tang shan, Calcutta, Indonesia, kansu, Haiti, messina, Tokyo, chihli,
-govt proposes to build a nuclear reactor on shore of Lake Ontario
near Kingston.
-Our task: carry out risk analysis/management study, for the govt,
focused on seismic risk
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