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Lecture 1

HIST 250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Donatism

Course Code
HIST 250
Laura Carlson

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St. Maria Maggiore
Problems with Popularity
Jumping on the Bandwagon or Leading the Charge?
oConstantine, Constantius, Theodosius
End of Pagan Customs (Sacrifices, Temples)
Christianity as an imperial religion (380)
oJulian the Apostate (361-363)
Imperial Control of “Religion”?
oDonatus & North Africa
Suffered under Christian persecutions under Diocletian
We don’t want to have anything to do with you
Refuse to adhere to Constantine or anyone on board with
Christianity (“Johnny comes lately”’s)
oResponse to Diocletians Persecutions
Traditores - Traitors
Religious Non-Conformity = Treason
Christian Order
Two-Tiered Hierarchy
oLaity (“the people”)
oClergy (priests, bishops, presbyters)
Rites of Initiation & Education
oOutside traditional Roman system
A Religious Roman Network
oPatriarchs: Prestigious Episcopal Sees
Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem
Secular and Sacred Power
Imperial Christianity
oReligious Legislation
Councils and Decrees
oMake and depose patriarchs
oLegislate on matters of religion and society
Problems of Primacy?
oYielded their own authority?
Emperor Gratian gives up title of pontifex maximus (359)
oBishops vs Emperors
St. Ambrose vs Theodosius (late 4th c.)
Spiritual tools vs political power
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