LLCU 214 Lecture 6: Week 6 (got A+ in course)

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Queen's University
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
LLCU 214
Donato Santeramo

Week 6 Lecture Notes: Hells Angels There is a typo because it is a trademark Hells angels is a trademark Anthony Tait He was a former member of Hells Angels and is in the witness protection program When he was a kid, he wanted to be a cop and criminal at the same time (ironic) Became virtually a very close associate of Sonny The History of Hells Angels History of bikerdom goes back to post war days There were other loose biker groups during that time POBOD = hells angels The Wild One Considered the original outlaw biker film First to examine American outlaw motorcycle gang violence The movie is based on 1947 Hollister riot o Thousand bikers appeared in annual climb o American Motorscyle Association condemned the riot saying that 99 are good bikers, leaving 1 The Patch Sonny Barger and George Wethern = first ones to get one percenter patch tattoo on their arms They wanted to draw the line LOGO IS IMPORTANT (ON TEST) Sonny Barge Diagnosed with throat cancer because of heavy smoking (vocal chords removed) Found guilty Featured in many booksmovies Fourth of July Run Tradition of hells angels and other motorcycle gangs Mandatory and was spawned by Hollister riot This associates them with the history of America (they are patriotic) The Credo Their mission They divide bikers from citizens = creates sense of belonging OFFO = Outlaws forever, forever outlaws
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