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SOCY 275
Stacey Alerie

Theories of Social Control  Logic of control theory  Motivation vs control  Socializing and structuring of control  Common sense logic of strain theory o Strain theory, assumption people are good and how they become bad o People conform to society, something chases them to stray from that path o Strain, cultural theories Control theory  Assumption that people are not basically good, but basically bad  People are good only to the degree that something forces them to be good  Why more people don't break rules  Social control theories o What stops the motivation to do bad  Why do people conform, conformity is the problem and not deviance  What prevents people from being deviant  Conformity is taught, not natural Durkheim’s Suicide  Suicide and social control o Anomic and egoistic suicide  The value of control  Who is more likely to take lives, the social conditions  2 kinds of Social Environment of Control o Anomic suicide  Cut from traditional ties in their life, poor or rich too quickly  Become disconnected o Egoistic suicide  Single, without kids, how much you are connected with other people. Give life meaning and regulation on how life is lived  Both cases there are lack of control from society  Lack ties with others that prevent the motivation to do bad  More likely to be deviant  No attachments, no conformity, no control Travis Hirschi and Theory of the Bond  Why kids are delinquent  Something motivates people to be delinquent, strain, values, normal assumption  He believes we are connected to world of conformist others o Conformist world represented when we grow up by parents, teachers o Steered us to conformity  We are connected through bonds to the world o Strong and weak bonds  Strong bond to society  Before I do something bad, I have to consider the world I am connected to  Take account other people in behaviour.  Conventional world would frown upon, deters you from doing behaviour  Weak Bond to society  Weak bond with other people and care less with other people such as parents or teachers, lack of caring, lack of consideration for them.  You are free to do whatever you want, what society may not want  Freedom isn't always good  How can you measure bond and how can you measure delinquency, need to find relationship between them o Bond should relate to delinquency.  Strong bond, negative correlation with delinquency  Elements of the bond o Bond has these four elements o Diffenent dimensions, all correlated but seperate  Attachment  Not alienated, attached to people, sensitivity to expectations of others ,discourages behaviours against these expectations  Commitment  Investment to conventional line of activity, eg university degree.  Greater investment, less l
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