BCH 463 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Slack Technologies, Stereophonic Sound, Ammonia

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31 Oct 2016

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Miller -Urey Experiment !
For Midterm:
**Reproduce apparatus and experiment, draw the monomers and polymers, explain what
the monomers and polymers are, explain the basics behind the theory behind chemical and
biological evolutio!
From Lecture:!
"1."we get water!
"2."add the elements we would find in a solar system 4th generation!
"4."add gases, CO2, cyonide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, amonia!
"5."get a spark!
"6."throw some rocks as dierent types of rocks have dierent kinds of dipoles in dierent
arrangements and orders!
"7."gets heated on the right!
"8."gets cooled on the other!
"9."there is NO oxygen!
"10."ancient Earth starts o with very little free oxygen - oxygen was in rocks, stuck in silica
and aluminum$!
"11."What kind of monomers and polymers did we get?!
"12."Very short polymers!
"13."What kinds of things get produced from this experiment?!
"14."- carbo hydrates$!
"15."- lipids!
"16."- amino acids!
"17."- ribose and pyrose$!
"19."- nucleic acids!
"20."Thus we get the elements that constitute life and not only that, we get them in the
exact stereo specificity that exists in us!
"21."The chemicals that encode for life, in biochemistry, are stereo specific$!
"22.""Life is a good design of polymers that works” - we know which monomers work and
the stereo version of those monomers$!
"23."If this experiment had failed to deliver the evidence that early ancient Earth was
composed of those monomers, then the theory of what Life came from would be dead$!
"24."The Miler - Urey experiment says that even in very short periods of geological time, we
can get the monomers that life is made of in our planet!
"25."We get the heavy elements on Earth and suddenly we have monomers and short
polymers of Life and they are stereospecific!
" •" This opens up very important philosophical arguments then about Life:!
" •" Arguments against evolution!
" •" Thought Experiment$!
" •" the all possible DNA sequences are in the tiny speck and your chance of hitting it is
very small$!
" •" If we are able to have those first few sequences and we are part of the tiny little speck
of probability then every time a new sequence would be added that would take us along the
correct dimensional hyperspace, we would be progressing towards life!
" •" every time we would have a bad sequence then it would be the end of that molecule$!
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