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Lecture 1

ENT 500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Human Resource Management, Jeff Timmons, Graduate Management Admission Test

Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Course Code
ENT 500
Pierre Pequegnat

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Myth 1
Entrepreneurs are born, not made.
Myth 2
Anyone can start a business.
Myth 3
Entrepreneurs are gamblers.
Myth 4
Entrepreneurs want the whole show to
Myth 5
Entrepreneurs are their own bosses and
completely independent.
Myth 6
Entrepreneurs work longer and harder than
managers in big companies.
Myth 7
Entrepreneurs experience a great deal of
stress and pay a high price.
Myth 8
Start a business and fail and you’ll never raise
money again.
Myth 9
Money is the most important start-up
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