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Lecture 2

ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Transaction Processing, Financial Statement, Management System

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 102
Bob Hudyma

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ITM 102- Week 2
Global E-business and Collaboration
How Information Technology Improves Business Processes
- Increasing efficiency of existing processes
- Automating steps that were manual
- Checking client’s credit, generating an invoice
Enabling entirely new processes
- Changing flow of information
- Replacing sequential steps with parallel steps
- Eliminating delays in decision making
- Supporting new business models
Business Processes
- Flows of material, information, knowledge
- Sets of activities, steps
- May be tied to functional area or be cross-functional
Businesses: can be seen as collection of business processes
- Business processes may be assets or liabilities
- Sales and marketing: Assembling the product
- Manufacturing and production: identifying customers
- Finance and accounting: creating financial statements
- Human resources: hiring employees
Types of Information Systems
- Transaction processing systems
o Serve operational managers and staff
o Perform and record daily routine transactions necessary to conduct business
o example, sales order entry, payroll, shipping
o Allow managers to monitor status of operations and relations with external
o Serve predefined, structured goals and decision making
Management Information Systems
- Serve middle management
- Provide reports on firm’s current performance, based on data from TPS (transaction
processing systems)
- Provide answers to routine questions with predefined procedure for answering them
- Typically have little analytic capability
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
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