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SOC 111 Lecture Notes - Multinational Corporation

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SOC 111
Jean Golden

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We are looking at the division of the societies, e.g., 3rd world vs. us
Coca cola is a transnational corporation (across many countries)
Capitalists: They are looking to maximize their surplus value, they do this
through expanding their plants
Employees: 139,600 in 2010 146,250 in 2011
Partners : 275 bottling partners 2011
Profits: 50 years of increased dividends
35.2 billion revenues in 2010, 46.5 billion in 2011
2011: 50th consecutive annual dividend increase dividend 8.5%
500 new products
no. 1 consumer product fan page on fb
30$ billion investments in the next 5 years: most in China ($3 billion in last 3
years) India (2$ billion in the next 5 year) the middle east, Russia
what distinguishes us from animals is our capacity to think and express that
Work is becoming more depressing for the people who are doing this for the
majority of their life
The booms an
d busts are what lay people off
An inconvenient truth
concentration of co2 in the atmosphere is about 385 ppm
crop yields are up in temperature zones down in tropical zones
droughts and foods affecting production
destruction of animal species

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