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Lecture 3

SOC 603 week 3

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Ryerson University
SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Lecture outline Dal ism two sexes Sexual ambiguity: Caster Semenya Intersexual bodies Performing gneder: the case of Agnes Dualism: legally, female or male ? Case of Levi Suydam, 1843 In 1843, Levi Suydam ............ In book Two sexes: female and male How do we uphold the idea of two sexes? Seperate washrooms , locker rooms, prisons Fetal sex determination Language ( gender neutral described in books as they to describe one person) Education: women write admissions exams first time (1877) attend lectures (1884) Legal rights Women became persons 1929 Before that they couldn't make wills buy property Voting rights (1918, 1948, 1960) Employment: Married women not allowed in public service until 1955 Marriage same sex 2005 Sexual expression Homosexuality illegal in 70/ 195 nations, decriminalized in canada 1967 Sports/'athletics 1928 women accepted into Olympics canada tea. Why does this matter? We rely on gender sterotypes ( fixed sex categories) as tools to help us take mental shortcuts: selective processing Examples: women and men's height: study of photographs Study of job tittle and gender: Katherine and Kenneth Anderson Case of caster Semenya Young runner from South Africa Won world 800 metre championship race in Berlin Appearance ambigious Internal testes (male sexual organ ) which produce testosterone and can generate muscle mass, body hair and deep voice Inter sexual bodies 2,5 or more biological sexes? Biologically, many gradations from male to female: a continuum Inter sexual bodies: mix of female and male traits Lack of fit among genitals Gina's and or chromosomes Standard medical treatment: correction Old definitions of inter sexual bodies True hermaphrodides(Hermes) possess one testis and one ovary Male pseudo hermaphrodides (Mers) testes and some aspects of male genitalia but no testes Female pseudo hermaphrodides Germs ovaries and some aspects of male genitalia but no testes In pseudo hermaphrodities, exter al genitalia and secondary sex characteristics don't match chromosomes Means for example have tests and XY chromosomal pair but also a vagina and at puberty may develop breasts Part 3: Transgenderism and transsexualism Transgenderism: umbrella term that enc
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