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Lecture 4

SOC 603 week 4

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Ryerson University
SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Submissive powerless dependants = female Defenceless appeasement Women in photography are ready to serve on thier knees Make cultural assumptions about what men want Similar to these photos is only that of gay men Drifting away from world not attentive Holding themselves in a way to show emotional weakness and anxious Cross leg posture or holding thier feet/ = vulnerable defenceless ungrounded Head tilted = off balance Head turned back = sexual Head up exposing neck is similar to dog when submissive Active alert ready to respond = male Male with head down is like prey None of this is biological but rather what society teaches about masculinity and feminity Active in control aware in charge of surroundings Men anchor and protect when men are behind women they're shown to be controlling Fashion shows show women as children ridiculous Women Are dolls you can do
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