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SOC 603 week 11

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SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Safilios- Rothschild Gendered styles of loving rooted in gendered division of labour Economic considerations condition intimacy Part 4 Marriage as a political and economic institution Dominant familial ideologies shape social policy and people's loves. In what ways? Ideas about what constitutes a family Primary biological parents and other consanguine ties Primacy of heterosexual relationships Male breadwinner family Sanctification of cultural ideas about 'normal family ' in policy Definition of family is subject to negotiations What divorce laws tell us about marriage: family not just a haven in a heartless land Early divorce laws: grounds for divorce( 1800s to 1925): Wife had to prove: adultery and either incest, bigamy, sodomy, bestiality, rope of another woman, or desertion without due cause Husband had to prove : adultery Double standard removed in 1925 Marriage breakup and no fault divorce 1968: new ground for divorce- 'marriage breakdown' (3-5 years) Men expected to support children but enforcement up to custodial parent Alimony for life or joins wife remarriage, except if wife was adulterous or deserted the family Divorce legislation continued 1985: 'no fault' divorce marriage breakdown as separation for one year ( divorce without husbands consent) Spousal support replaces life long alimony : clean break philsophy 1990s: 6% of women received spousal support ( only 16 % requested it) Division of marital property In past property would go to husband. Wife had to demonstrate need Husbands name on deed No automatic recognition of wife's unpaid contributions ( housework grocery shopping b
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